Call or email for reservations and quotes: +46 (0) 70 52 46 007 All day event where the boat used during the whole day or more than 4 hours are offered separately.

Tjänster Prisexempel
Speedboat adventure  Price for lunch or dinner drink offered separately. Minimum charge 2 hours 5 200:-/timme                 väntetider deb.800/timme
For a simple trip to a specific destination, up to 11 people. Startavgift 600:- + 210:- kr per distansminut
Price example on trips, including starting fee 600: -Guidning from Söderby Bridge by Muskö Channel to Älvsnabben and back. 4 200:-
Dalarö – Gruvbryggan på Utö 3 860:-
Årsta havsbad – Gruvbryggan på Utö 3 200:- resor som sker efter 21.00 deb extra 900:-

Full day or half day reservation, separate offer